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Gym is better than no gym for sure, but there certainly is no greater rush of endorphins or sense of achievement than completing a challenging outdoors session and hitting all the elements of physical and mental fitness, especially in South Wales!

Gyms are becoming like coffee shops in the sense that they are opening up everywhere and are closing down frequently. It's a tough business to remain in and become successful because everyone seems to have the same idea - lease an ugly industrial building, fill it with expensive equipment, put a cool motto on the wall and the members will all flood in, no? It’s not that simple.

Men and women are created for much more than this. We are built with extreme ability in movement and mind body control. We are far more resilient than culture would have us believe. We are more than tattoos, lycra, selfies and gym machines. Human capacity for excellence is far underachieved and gyms are only tending to a small fraction of this.

Indoors training, especially since 2020 is very sanitised (literally), sterile and robotic. Rows of machines and equipment all encouraging very one dimensional mechanical movement can make some feel unmotivated and claustrophobic. They do not push the boundaries of human resilience half as much as their ‘Motivation Monday’ insta posts would have you believe.

The most real form of physical exertion is to be found outdoors, where we spend very little of our time today! Everything we need to become physical specimens is to be found in outdoor training camps like ours on the hills behind Taffs Well.

Lifting weights is great, but can you pull yourself over a bar, with weight on? Can you run hills? Can you carry heavy burdens when the ground is rocky and undulating? Have you got the mental resilience to throw a gortex jacket on when it’s smashing down with rain in winter and get out and still train? Those special types of people aren’t in majority, but they can be found.

Members of The Green Mile Training Camp are certainly those types of people and they are leaps and bounds ahead of most, just by turning up!

The most challenging bootcamps, running sessions and body weight programs await them each day when they sign-on to one of the 4 daily sessions up at the camp. They are from a wide range of fitness abilities, but that doesn’t matter as they are all thought about and catered for in the fitness programs designed by the staff.

The facility is ever expanding and adding new workout areas and equipment. It will soon host a huge glass fronted yoga studio and by summer 2022 the UK’s largest cargo net!

The training programs are written with the fundamentals of fitness in mind - agility, speed, strength, power, endurance, flexibility and recovery. They encourage all types of movement and seek competence in ability rather than aesthetics or vanity.

We do not train for six-packs or big butts, but in training the way we do, we do deliver results and get you in the best shape you’ve ever been in!

We test you physically using a number of varied ways and repeatedly aim you towards improving those test scores so you know you are climbing higher!

Come check us out for a session and bring a mate for free. If it’s true physical fitness you want then it’s us you need.

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